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Walter LaChapelle

Walter LaChapelle joined the Teamsters Union in 1988 and is a third generation Union member. He started his Teamster career working in various trades including warehousing, ship repair, and transportation in the film and video industry.  He has always been passionate about being an advocate for workers.

Walter began professionally serving workers in 1994 when he was hired by Oregon OSHA as a safety and health Occupational Safety Specialist prior to being recruited as a Union representative in 2000.  In 2002 he was hired as a Business Representative for Local 58,  a position he held for nearly 19 years. In 2007 he began serving the members as an elected Local Union Officer as Trustee and since that period he has served the members in every position on the Executive Board for Teamsters 58.

In February of 2021 he was elected by the Executive Board to serve the membership in the top leadership position as your Secretary -Treasurer.  Walter has also served as elected Delegate and Alternate Delegate to the Teamsters International Conventions.

Walter continues to serve as Trustee on the Oregon Teamsters Employers Trust and has served on that Board for over nineteen years.  He also served as a Director for Joint Council No. 37 Teamsters Federal Credit Union for 14 years.

With over 25 years of experience and persistence in advocating for workers, Walter continues to deliver on his commitment and passion to fight, defend and improve upon the rights of each and every hard-working man and woman in our great Labor Movement.  He is always sincere and fully dedicated to serve workers in his leadership capacity and sees such opportunities as an honor and privilege.