(For Immediate Release 8/17/2022)


The Labor Contract Between Sodexo and Teamster Locals 58 expired July 31, 2022.  In the meantime, you are expected to continue to report for duty and work as directed unless if and when, members are formally notified otherwise.

The Teamsters Bargaining Team continues to fight with all our vigor in making our best efforts in securing a negotiated fair and strong settlement offer to be presented by Sodexo for the members to consider soon for ratification.  Moving forward, we continue our fight in pressuring Sodexo in making additional forward movement to fully and fairly address the high cost of living, we continue our vigilance to find solutions that will function for our members. While all this continues to remain in play, we urge all Sodexo Teamsters to continue to act in solidarity around the issues in support of the bargaining team and our efforts.


The Union and Employer have reached a point where no movement is being made and have reached out to the Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service, to move into mediation. The Union is proceeding forward with cautious optimism that the Employer will hear our issues and reach a recommended offer for the members to consider and vote on soon.

In a statement issued by the Union Chair, Walter LaChapelle he said, “During the period following July 31, 2022, expiration date of the parties’ Agreement, it is in the best interests and expected of our members to continue to work as directed unless you’re advised otherwise by the Union Chair as your existing terms and conditions of the expired contract remain unchanged while negotiations continue.”

The Union does not currently have any plans to extend the expired Labor Contract in hopes we are successful in securing a negotiated Employer Offer that will be acceptable to the membership.  Meanwhile, all Sodexo Teamsters are advised to continue to be on the lookout for further Union updates in the near future regarding any new progress and/or developments that arise.

The Teamsters Union was founded in 1903.

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